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Hopefully this answers all your questions to start yours or your child's journey with us! 

For the Dance sessions -Are they singular classes?

Most of our dance classes come as a package up until the older groups as it is great way for them to learn them all and to keep engaged- For example our pre primary is 1 hour long however it is 20 mins each of ballet, tap & street.


What Ages?

We start our Classes with Bear Dance which are our youngest performers at just 18 months going up to adults. 

Head to Booking classes to find exactly which class you should be in.


Does my child have to wear uniform?

Yes - For Dance classes.  It is better to be streamlined and everyone is on the same level playing feild. 


Can i pay monthly?

We have Paypal pay in Three - This works out monthly! 

Can i Audition to be part of your Agency?

Yes absolutley! Give Amy a call as there are lots of details & commitment to be mentioned.


Can i only pay for the classes i attend?

Unfortunately not - We have teacher & Hall hire to pay for. You are signing up to the full term. 


Can my child attend a free Trial?

Absolutley! We offer a 1 week free trail before committing to the term. This is only for new students. 


Can parents watch

We dont allow parents in the sessions except for Bear Dance - However we have regular shows & parents watching weeks. 

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